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Unleash your inner devil with some hot Halloween-inspired styles…

Trick or treat? You can give your partner both with our selection of seductive styles….. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with new styles and even a little bit of dressing up. Whether you’re looking to vamp it up with some gothic-inspired lingerie or indulge in a little private tricking or treating […]

What secrets does your lingerie drawer reveal about you?

We like nothing more than a good rummage in some drawers…so we did just that! We are the first to admit we’re a bit nosey here at The Confectionery, so we decided to conduct a questionable serious piece of research into other-people’s lingerie. Having spent some time rummaging around in friends and family’s underwear drawers […]

Hot new summer styles

blog summer lingerie story

Sweeten up your lingerie wardrobe with some hot new summer styles – perfect for sultry nights and hot summer days. If you’re yet to jet off to warmer climes this summer, you’ve still got time to treat yourself to some luscious holiday lingerie from our sweet collection. And best of all…lingerie takes up a tiny […]

Act out your favourite fantasies and indulge in a little dressing up fun

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If your bedroom is the stage and the audience is waiting, it’s time to get in character and act out some of your favourite sweet fantasies. They’ll be crying ‘encore’ in no time with these fun and flirty lingerie sets….Check em’ out here! If you’re feeling regal, you’ll need a lingerie set that’s fit for […]