What secrets does your lingerie drawer reveal about you?

We like nothing more than a good rummage in some drawers…so we did just that!

We are the first to admit we’re a bit nosey here at The Confectionery, so we decided to conduct a questionable serious piece of research into other-people’s lingerie.

Having spent some time rummaging around in friends and family’s underwear drawers (with their permission of course…) we discovered all sorts of interesting things – some of which are unmentionable here (your secret is safe with me Boss ;-))

Not only did we discover a whole host of grey pants that should have been retired years ago, but we also discovered that some amongst us definitely have a bit of an ‘alternative’ personality that they have kept cunningly concealed under their clothes all this time….

Would your lingerie drawer give the game away? Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself from one of these ‘lingerie personality types’ that we’ve ‘expertly’ come up with…

The Lover of Lace (and all things pretty and delicate)

This type is very in touch with their feminine side and enjoys lingerie that enhances their womanly mystique through pretty details and flirty frills. This type isn’t afraid to use lingerie to their own advantage – be that as a self-confidence booster or as a weapon of mass-destruction in the bedroom. They are versatile and can pull off sweet styles as well as switching it up to something a bit racier….ooh la la! If you’re a lace lover, you could try one of these new sweet Rene Rofe and iCollection styles from our collection….



The Secret Erotic

This type has a carefully concealed secret….

In the daytime, they blend seamlessly in with all the other types, but by night they reveal their true desires through their love of fetish-inspired lingerie. Straps, chain-detail, buckles and bandage-wear are all staples in their erotic armoury, and they would be comfortable donning this Pink Lipstick Bound for Glory Bodysuit as shown here. This type is bold in the bedroom and comfortable playing out different scenario’s and fantasies with their partner, often employing accessories like handcuffs and a wig, like this Khloe Red Wig by Fever, to enhance their bedroom antics.



The Comfort Seeker

Big pants, no frills and a large focus on practicality. The Comfort Seeker is likely to choose underwear that can just be thrown on in the morning without an awful lot of consideration – they have bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether their knickers match their bra. In fact, they probably don’t even own a matching set of anything – and if they ever did, the two got separated a very very long time ago and were never re-united. The Comfort Seeker takes a no-nonsense approach to lingerie, and life! If they can be encouraged to wear a matching set, they can’t go wrong with this Luxury Halter Stripe Bra Set by iCollection or this Smooth Like Velvet Bra Set by Seven til’ Midnight.



The Lady of Leisure (and ath-wear)

Another lover of comfort, but this time with a sporty style in mind. Shapewear is likely to be high on their list of lingerie needs and they like their underwear to be gym-ready, like their clothes. This type is likely to keep themselves in good shape and when they are having a day off from the gym, they enjoy lingerie that shows off their enviable toned figure. Styles to try could include this Sassy White Bodysuit by Pink Lipstick or Rene Rofe’s Rough Romance Bra Set.



The Pick and Mixer

A combination of all of the above, this type’s lingerie drawer is a menagerie of styles collected over the years reflecting their different life stages. They’ve often got sexy styles dating back to their single, dating days that occasionally still come out to play, as well as comfy sets for daily wear. This type can still turn on the charm when they need to but probably need a little coaxing and encouragement! The Pick and Mixer definitely needs to treat themselves once in a while to something fresh like this iCollection Parma Violet Chemise or this Seven til’ Midnight City Chic Bra Set.



Question is, which one are you?? You can reveal all below by leaving us a review…


What secrets does your lingerie drawer reveal about you?
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What secrets does your lingerie drawer reveal about you?
Would your lingerie drawer give the game away? Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself from one of these ‘lingerie personality types’ that we’ve ‘expertly’ come up with...
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The Confectionery
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