Top 8 Lingerie Trends 2017

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Spring is here and it’s finally time to start shedding those heavy winter clothes and get back to dressing the way you really want to. What’s true of day to day wear is also true in the bedroom. Gone are the nights of hurriedly pulling up the covers and trying to keep warm. Now you can enjoy looking beautiful again, and welcome your partner to bed with something special. These sensational new lingerie trends have something that will appeal to everyone, so whatever your style, you can treat yourself to something that will really make an impression.

1. The Feminine Touch

Femininity is back in style this year, in a big way. That means delicate, beautifully made lingerie with lots of attention to detail. Bows, ribbons and lace trim give sensual silks and satins that little extra something. Buttons and lace-up panels brings simple styles to life, and the use of flowing styles and dreamy floral patterns gives these garments a truly romantic quality. Look out for shades of ivory, rose, periwinkle blue and pale lavender in clothes that are designed to be pretty rather than sexy, but often achieve both.

Delicate satin lace teddy by Coquette

2. Soft and Sensual

Alongside these charmingly romantic styles, 2017 is putting a big focus on texture. Perhaps it’s a result of the fact that more and more of the top lingerie brands are now managed by women, but this year’s styles are designed to feel good as well as look good – and to be comfortable to wear. Soft, breathable materials are the in thing, from washed silk to high quality cotton. Lace is supple and yielding, with scratchy nylon banished to the back of the cupboard. This is lingerie so sensually appealing you’ll want to wear it all the time.

mapale sexy mesh and lace bra set 8203

3. Beautiful Bustiers

Bustiers began to make a comeback in 2016 and this year they’re bigger and bolder than before. Gone are the miniature versions in soft fabrics incorporated into bras. This year’s selection are more like corsets, built to emphasise curves and produce dramatic lines. They’re so good, some people are choosing to wear them as outerwear. You can choose from striking satin numbers that really make a statement or subtler designs featuring delicate prints or embroidery. Many are available as elements in lingerie sets perfect for those special romantic nights in.

Lace and Satin Black Bustier

4. Luxurious Lace

Lace is everywhere this year and not just as trim. The increasing trend for sheer lingerie is at its classiest when combined with traditional styles to produce garments that suggest more than they display directly, from lace bra cups and cleverly designed panties to camisole tops with lace panels that give the whole torso a sensual look. It’s often combined with strappy styles designed to show off well-toned bodies at their best. This season’s lace is soft and easy on the skin, so don’t settle for anything less – 2017 is all about luxury.

Coquette powernet black babydoll

5. High Waistlines

Although some lingerie styles are getting strappier, the strappy thong is disappearing this year, and 1940s style high-waisted panties are very much the in thing. This will be a relief to curvy women who often find them more flattering, but they can look good on anyone, especially when they’re part of a well-tailored lingerie set. Despite that ‘40s vibe, there’s nothing saggy about these styles. They combine mixed materials to great effect, often pairing cotton or satin with a high band of lace that draws the eye up the body to a matching bra or bustier.

mapale sexy lingerie black lace bra set

6. The Bralette

Last year saw a change in the way designers had been thinking about smaller breasted women, and this year that change has really taken root. Push-up bras in smaller sizes are on the way out. Instead, the bralette is appearing in a wider and wider range of styles, from delicate silks which show off the nipples to colourful triangles of lace. This can be worn with high waisted pair of panties for a flattering, boyish look, celebrating women as they are rather than trying to compensate for all that wonderful variety in body shapes.

Stretch Lace Bra Set



7. Strong Colours

If you’re not looking for the romantic, girlish hues to be fund in this year’s feminine collections, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a lot of stronger colours around. Alluring designs in black lingerie have found counterparts in multiple shades of blue, often combined, while blush and gold are also prominent and dusk purple is especially popular in satin. You can find the perfect shade to flatter your skin and hair, or build up a collection to suit your different moods. If you’re unsure about mixing and matching, it’s always worth remembering that black goes with (almost) everything.

dreamgirl stunning lace teal and black teddy 10537

8. Bold Hosiery

The craze for fishnet tights and stockings that took hold of the fashion world over the winter is maintaining its grip even as we enter the warmer months of the year. Patterned hosiery more generally is proving popular, with polka dots particularly prominent. Tights are not really a summer garment, however, so we’re not seeing them give way to over the knee socks and stockings, and with many lingerie sets designed around attractive garter belts, it’s well worth finding the right hosiery to complete the look.

This mix of trends brings together the new possibilities created by evolving materials technologies with social changes that are seeing women’s desires move to the fore. It’s making room for a lot more variety, better suiting individual bodies and individual senses of style. This year, high fashion has delivered a lot to look forward to.

Cute n' sexy holly holdups

Top 8 New Lingerie Trends 2017
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