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A guy’s guide to picking the perfect Valentine’s gift…

Welcome to lingerie boot-camp – today we will be learning the mystical art of picking the perfect piece of Valentine’s lingerie for your beloved. Quiet at the back!!

This will require a certain degree of concentration but as we all know, poor preparation leads to poor results, so if you don’t prepare properly, you can prepare to fail. Failure is not an option, unless you want to spend Valentine’s Day being given the cold shoulder….

So, let’s keep this succinct and then you can all go back to talking about football, drinking beer and playing Call of Duty – or whatever it is you chaps like to indulge in in your spare time.

Firstly, you need to engage in some covert action. No, not that sort of covert action (!) – I’m talking about finding out her size. This may involve some rummaging of drawers (again, no pun intended) and you’ll need to put everything back exactly as you found it, otherwise she’ll wonder what you were doing in there. And I mean EXACTLY as you found it – us girls can spot something that’s out of place at 20 paces. You’ll need to take a note of her bra size – a number and a letter – and what knicker size she is too. It’s also worth thinking about whether she’s a small, medium or large, in case you want to get a teddy or body-stocking. And if you don’t know what these are, please see example 1 and 2 below.

Trending Lingerie by Dreamgirl | Glamour Panties                            available in UK

          Example 1 – Teddy                                        Example 2 – Body-stocking


Incidentally you can buy these, and many other delightful pieces from our teddy range here or our body-stocking range here.

We all know multi-tasking can sometimes present a challenge to you guys but it’s really important that whilst you are rummaging, you are also taking some notes on what styles she likes to wear. Does she show a preference for black satin? Or maybe she likes fun and funky prints? Does lace feature in her lingerie collection? Is she a corset fan? Full knicker or thong? These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you want to get this right. Here’s some inspiration for you…

Ok, the hard bit is done – you’ve finished messing up her precious lingerie drawer and now you need to start shopping. Time to take a deep breath…and mentally prepare yourself to say goodbye to at least £50. We know – you could get a PlayStation game for that instead of some tiny pieces of fabric – but a princess deserves quality lingerie in fine fabrics, not some high street granny pants. If its high street you want, you’re in the wrong class!

Now to finish, here’s an exercise for you:

Based on your notes from your drawer reconnaissance, click the link below the image that you think best matches your beloved’s lingerie preference…

Trending Lingerie by Dreamgirl | Dazzling Sexy Lingerie                         sensual underwear by Mapale | high quality lingerie

                        Kinky                                                      Dress Up

Elegant Moments seductive lingerie & underwear


Elegant Moments seductive lingerie & underwear

                  Cute                                                              Flirty

Trending Lingerie by Dreamgirl | Dazzling Sexy Lingerie                    Trending Lingerie by Dreamgirl | Dazzling Sexy Lingerie

           Foxy                                                                 Classy


Good luck guys, and don’t forget you can contact us here if you get stuck…

Class dismissed!  X

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